Lacrosse Goalie Gear Guide: Everything You Required To Play Goalie

January 22, 2019 0 By admin

This article is an overview which will explain all the lacrosse goalie equipment, both compulsory and also optional, that is required to play this remarkable position.

I’ll additionally give my referral for specific pieces of equipment that I such as.

As goalkeepers we wish to be as shielded as feasible without restricting our movement. So the gear that I choose generally supplies a high degree of security and also performance while still permitting liberty of activity.

Fortunately for us, lacrosse goalie equipment (as well as lax gear generally) has actually made remarkable strides in just the last one decade. I mean consider this is what lacrosse helmets looked like not also long ago –

Lacrosse Goalie Equipment

With the explosion in popularity of the sport, lots of lacrosse companies have actually spent heavily in research and development to produce brand-new lacrosse gear that’s lighter while also more secure than its predecessors.

There are great deals of great options for each single piece of equipment. Just because I suggest as well as like a certain headgear, doesn’t imply that there are not others that function fantastic. Exact same with upper body guards, sticks, gloves, etc.

If you’re an all new lacrosse goalie or a parent wondering what gear your youngster will certainly require to play goalie, this post will aid you understand all of the lacrosse goalie tools that is needed to play in the cage.

Without additional trouble, below’s my advised lacrosse goalie gear:

Lacrosse Goalie Gloves – STX Shield 500

It’s important that you purchase lacrosse goalie gloves as opposed to just a typical set of lacrosse gloves.

The goalie gloves have added padding along with a strengthened thumb to assist secure our hands and also prevent any kind of injuries.

I broke my thumb while in university after a close-range shot struck it directly. This was prior to I had lacrosse goalie gloves. It’s painful and also something you intend to avoid in all cost.

For an even much deeper explanation of what to try to find in goalie gloves make certain to have a look at my lacrosse goalie handwear cover overview.

My existing recommendation for newbie goalie gloves are the STX Shield 500 goalie gloves.

You can read my full testimonial of these STX Guard 500’s here.


The next couple of pieces of equipment are not called for by policy however are absolutely legal to use as well as suggested by me so that you can really feel secure and shielded while in the goal.

Back thens, ice hockey goalies used to put on hardly any type of devices. In the late 50’s they didn’t also wear safety helmets or masks! After Jacques Plante, a goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens was struck in the face, injuring his cheek and nose, he returned putting on a self-made fiberglass mask. He was ridiculed by his team with the majority of every person examining his durability. All for putting on a mask on HIS FACE.

Today many goalies see this additional goalie equipment as akin to Plante’s face mask in the 50’s. However I see lacrosse heading here with goalkeepers, especially young people, going with these optional pieces of equipment and also ultimately encountering less ridicule and also doubting of psychological toughness.

If any individual teases for making use of extra defense, inform them to step into the cage as well as see what its like.

There’s no reason why you can’t use this devices to feel great and also protected in the cage. Several of this pieces of lacrosse goalie equipment are even compulsory, as kept in mind.

Even if you do not use this optional tools throughout video games, you might wish to use it throughout technique when you get even more shots then you would in a video game situation.

A Note Concerning Sizing Goalie gloves

For every single piece of goalie gear advised above, make sure you get the ideal dimension.

All pieces of equipment should fit comfortably to make sure that it doesn’t proceed our bodies as we’re making saves. But not too limited that it hurts or restricts our series of mobility.

Loosened fitting equipment can be very unsafe as a breast guard might move and leave an area unprotected. Or loosened fitting safety helmet can strike against our head causing a blast.

Make sure you assess size suggestions for each item and afterwards readjust them to fit well. If they’re as well huge or too small return them for a different size.

Verdict of Lacrosse Goalie gloves

The leading item of recommendations I use new goalkeepers is: Obtain Secured!

While you might believe its aggressive as well as trendy to put on extremely little extra padding, using the correct amount of pads will certainly make you a lot more confident in the cage

Unfortunately, playing goalie in lacrosse is not low-cost. I created a complete post on just how much all this goalie equipment will cost.

The different pieces of lax goalie equipment required to furnish a brand-new caretaker can build up quick. Hence always aim to purchase used equipment at a neighborhood sporting activities store preferably.

The pieces I recommend in this article are absolutely not the only items of lacrosse goalie devices that are practical and also amazing, nevertheless it’s what I like as well as what I urge others to get when they ask me.